Inspired by Nubian architecture

ANAKAJI means My Home in Nubian language

The project is a unique urban development inspired by Nubian architecture and its colorful patterns. It is introducing a one-of-a-kind concept to the New Capital, combining warm vibes and outstanding living standards. “Anakaji” is where ultimate modernity meets the legacy of art.

“Anakaji” was perfectly designed with utmost attention to every minor detail. The master plan was meant to revive the Nubian heritage in a contemporary modern design, connect open spaces to one another and provide seamless pathways of greens.


The design concept behind Anakaji’s various home types “Kajis” was meant to maximize the views of all its residents and ensure tranquil surroundings. Ranging from 130 sqm to 326 sqm, 1 to 4 bedroom apartments, duplexes with private gardens, the roofs topped with domes, wide and sunny terraces and arched shaded gateways, “Anakaji” makes all spaces comfortable.

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Spanning 20 acres, “Anakaji” is ideally situated in the R8 district, in close proximity to the Presidential as well as the Diplomatic district and only a walk away from the Green River. “Anakaji” is also accessible to all the New Capital’s main leading roads and landmarks, making it conveniently within reach of everything.